There are a number of excellent resources available online to help you learn more about coastal flooding, as well as steps you can take to reduce your risk.

FEMA’s is the FEMA Region II Coastal Analysis and Mapping website. includes the best available data for flood risk on a county-by-county basis. Find information about upcoming community meetings related to flood risk and flood mapping in New Jersey, along with updated Flood Risk Tools that can be used in conjunction with your Flood Insurance Rate Map to help you understand your community’s risk of flooding. This site is updated regularly as new flood risk information is made available.

StormSmartCoasts for New Jersey:
This website includes information about steps you can take before, during and after a storm to reduce your risk and protect yourself, your family and your neighbors. Use this site to find contacts for local government agencies and organizations that handle flood risk issues, and to learn more about your preparedness, planning and hazard mitigation options. This site also provides general information about coastal flooding considerations, such as storm surge, hurricanes and Nor’easters, and offers resources for learning about climate change and community planning for climate impacts on coastal flooding. The site also offers information about the Community Rating System of the National Flood Insurance Program, which offers communities reduced flood insurance premiums as the communities earn points for taking advanced flood preparedness and mitigation actions.

FloodSmart.Gov, the Official Site of the National Flood Insurance Program is the website of the National Flood Insurance Program. This site provides detailed information about flood insurance, as well as interactive tools that can help you understand your property’s risk and what flooding might cost your household. This site provides information about recent changes to the flood insurance program, which may affect premiums.